Reconnection - Rust Boutique Melbourne


The ocean has always been a place that I have called home. I have found comfort and connection to the crashing waves and the salty wind blowing on my skin, awakening the senses and re grounding me instantly .

My gypsy soul was the influence behind the re- branding of Rust Boutique Melbourne. Gorgeous soft boho floral dresses, straw bags and beautiful rattan belts. Beautiful pinks, purples and mint greens styled together in pretty skirts and tops.

I browsed through vintage photos watched old surfing videos and my heart and soul was full, and to that the new Rust Boutique Melbourne was born.Β 

I hope you find a beautiful piece that represents your "Gypsy Soul" whether it be a shell necklace or bracelet or any of the gorgeous clothing pieces that we have on offer.

I take pride in my business and the pieces that are chosen to be in my boutique.

Thank you for shopping with Rust Boutique Melbourne and thank you for supporting this small business.



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